Photo Booths; Why is Prop 'A' Print the one to book?

Over the years Prop 'A' Print have provided hundred of booths to our customers. We have visited venues near and far and have met some fantastic people along the way.

Our priority is always to ensure to the client is happy with the services that we provide. Remaining professional at all times is a core value we take very seriously.

Often we form part of a once in a lifetime event. Ensuring our clients are confident in our ability to deliver our services is paramount. For others our attention to detail is important. We are booked regularly for corporate events with the same company. The client knows that we provide a first class service from start to finish, each and every time.

So what we have learnt along the way?

  • Communication is key - be assured that you will deal directly with the owners when you make a booking with Prop 'A' Print. Know that behind the scenes we are planning as much as we can to ensure set up and delivery of our booth runs smoothly.

  • Experienced - We know that our Booth Attendants are key to success of every booth, depending on your event you will have 1 or 2 booth attendants. Each are well trained and experienced in engaging with the client and their guests. Engaging with guests creates a atmosphere which empowers people to enjoy there experience in the booth, thus providing more natural photos.

  • What people want - with 1 photo per print you get a truly superior memento from the event, often we have people contacting afterwards to tell us how pleased they are with their print that they framed it.

  • Quality Photos - We have high grade DSLR cameras and top of the range printers. so we can guarantee the quality of our prints. We take a few photos until the guest is happy with their photo. In a standard booth how often do you get 4 small photos and 1 or more of them doesn't look good? With standard booths rarely do you get the option to re-take it unless your queue again.

Contact us today to see what we can bring to your event.

Spike and Steve

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